Padmavathi Travels-NRI Tirupati Darshan FAQs -Ticket Costs, Booking, and Guidelines

1. Who is acceptable for the NRI Tirupati Darshan?
– Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who hold a valid passport with a visa arrival date less than 30 days from the date of visit are eligible for this Darshan. NRIs holding OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) cards can also avail this facility by carrying their OCI card and valid passport.

2. What abstracts are appropriate for the NRI Tirupati Darshan?
– Valid passport with visa documents or OCI card, along with any other suggested identification documents.
– For children below 12 years, valid age documents are required.

3. What is the procedure for availing the NRI Tirupati Darshan?
– Upon extensive Supadham, NRIs charge to ample a form and pay the admission amount of Rs. 300 per being (children beneath 12 years exempted). Only NRIs are allowed, and relatives or friends will not be permitted to accompany them.

4. Can NRIs avail of the coin weighing facility during Darshan?
– Yes, NRIs can counterbalance against bill during Darshan. The amount of one kg of Rs. 1 coin is Rs. 202, Rs. 5 coin is Rs. 565 per one kg, and Rs. 2 bill is Rs. 332 per one kg.

5. What if NRIs are not familar with Tirupati?
– Padmavathi Travels offers one day Tirupati bales accurately advised for NRIs. Their drivers act as guides to abetment NRIs in accepting Darshan and navigate Tirupati.

6. Is there any assistance provided for NRI Tirupati Darshan from Chennai?
– Yes, Padmavathi Travels offers NRI Tirupati packages from Chennai by car, ensuring a hassle-free journey for NRIs.

7. Are there any restrictions or guidelines to chase during the Darshan?
– NRIs should attach to the rules and regulations set by the temple authorities. They charge advance breeding and account the adherence of the temple bounds during the Darshan.

8. What is the appropriate admission for NRI Darshan in Tirumala?
– NRI (Non-Resident Indians) accept an appropriate admission alleged Supatham for Balaji Darshan.

9. What abstracts are appropriate for NRI Darshan?
– NRI pilgrims charge to backpack their authorization forth with accurate acceptance documents. The arrival date should be less than 30 days from the date of visit.

10. When should NRI pilgrims address at Supatham for Darshan?
– NRI pilgrims should address at Supatham anytime amid 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Supatham is amid 100-200 ft from the Vaikuntam Queue complex.

11. Is there a separate quota for NRI Darshan in Tirumala?
– No, there is no specific Darshan allocation for NRIs in Tirumala. They will accompany the chain forth with added devotees, including infants, chief citizens, and physically challenged individuals.

12. Are there any added requirements or restrictions for NRI Darshan?
– NRI pilgrims should ensure they accede with the rules and regulations set by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) staff

13. What facilities are accessible for NRI pilgrims during Darshan?
– NRI pilgrims will be provided access to the special entrance at Supatham, facilitating a smoother and quicker Darshan experience.

14. Will Padmavathi Travels Arranges Package for NRI?
– Yes, Of advance Padmavathi Travels arranges for NRI Darshan Packages, Our disciplinarian are able-bodied accomplished in this field, so he will advise in all the means for NRI.

15. What is the Dress code for NRI Darshan?
– For men, the adopted dress cipher is Dhoti Shirt/Kurtha, Pyjama
– For women, the adopted dress cipher is saree or half-saree with blouse or churidar with pyjama.

Note: It's recommended to check for any updates or changes in the procedure before planning the NRI Darshan in Tirumala.

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