How To Avoid Keyword Cannibalization |Givemerank

Keyword cannibalization occurs when multiple pages on the same site compete for the same search terms. Find out how to avoid this post!
I always say that SEO is a game of cat and mouse. While you are developing your online positioning tactics, your competitors are doing exactly the same.
Then you try, try, try to rank for a certain keyword, and nothing … Despair comes and what do you do? You start using the same keyword on multiple pages to increase the authority of the site for that term.
Another very common scenario is to create content for each keyword that has a good search volume, even if they overlap. For example web content, creation of web content, and production of web content.
And what is forming is an immense process of keyword cannibalization. Did you tighten your throat or a knot in your stomach?
Come with me, let’s solve this problem now!